MyEV.se is a subsidiary of Naronic AB that focuses on electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Naronic AB is a building automation firm with over 30 years of expertise, developing, manufacturing, and selling devices for the bus systems LON / KNX / BACnet / Dali. Since 1996, online car heater systems have been created.

MyEV.se encompasses the portion of the property that is relevant to charging, mostly electric vehicles, as well as distribution and control of the same. This comprises mounting materials such as pillars and wall mounts, as well as load balancing electronics. Communication electronics for charging boxes and test equipment are also part of our standard offering.

Since 2015, MyEV.se has provided over 10,000 pillar and wall mounts for EV Chargers, as well as other solutions that make EV Charger installation and maintenance easier. These solutions can cut overall installation costs by up to 70%.

All mechanics and electronics are manufactured in our facilities in Visby and Eskilstuna.